Live Music or DJ?

Depending on your musical tastes, budget and the atmosphere you are trying to create, SAE can perform Full Live Acoustic, Hybrid (Musician-DJ) or Live Music with a Live DJ.

DJscan play anything you want! They can handle any almost request, take up less room and require less vendor services such as parking spaces, meals etc.  

Live Music offers energy and excitement. SAE will energize your event and offer an entertaining show more than just music. For the non-dancing types, they can still enjoy a live and engaging performance not available with DJ. When the band is on break, SAE includes an iPod playlist. The playlist can be tailored to your personal song choice although it will lack the interaction and choice of a DJ.

Musician/DJ “Hybrid” is the best of both worlds! It is a blend of DJ and live instruments playing simultaneously such as DJ with a singer/guitarist, or DJ with a band! This creates a full sound with minimal musicians required. The live musician(s) adds the energy to a DJ undertone. It is getting ‘the most for your money’ and a very popular choice.

Live Band/Live DJ The ultimate solution to any special event is hiring live music that also provides a full DJ service. It allows for easy and well coordinated transitions between live and recorded music as well as a well-balanced song list between Live Music and DJ.  It is also the most expensive of all the available option.  

Choosing from a demo CD or live sound samples

When you are choosing live musical entertainment, it is always recommended that you see the act perform LIVE. Many performers/bands will record in the studio where you can edit, overdub and add any effect to make it sound wonderful. Be aware that Studio and Live recording are two very separate environments and talents required! Always request live audio samples if you cannot see the act in person. It will give you a much better idea of how they will sound live. SAE audio & video samples are all recorded completely from live performances.

Can I see SAE perform?

Yes. We can make arrangements to have you see SAE perform at an event similar to yours. Please let us know ahead of time so we can choose the appropriate venue. SAE also performs at a number of public shows throughout the year such as festivals and nightclubs that give you an opportunity to see the band in action!

How long are sets and breaks?

The average set is about 45 minutes to an hour. Breaks are generally 20-25 minutes in length. If a live band is performing alongside a DJ, our sets can sometimes be longer depending on your arrangement of our live sets versus DJ sets.

We always make the effort to arrange our breaks around speeches and other necessities that take place throughout so the band breaks feel more like "natural" spaces.

Musicians attire

SAE always look fabulous and well-groomed!

Our looks include “Black Tie” (tuxedos & gowns), Elegant (tailored suits & timeless fashion), “Hip” (the latest trends) and “Casual”.

SAE cares as much about how we look as we do about how we sound. Fashion is a high priority!

Feeding the band

Yes, you will in most cases need to feed the entertainers along with your other service providers (event coordinators, photographers, videographers…etc). SAE musicians will be on-site anywhere from 6 to 12 hours so we will need to have food over this long period of time.

In order to avoid musicians and other vendors having to leave the premises to eat, order out or bring in their own food, you will want to make arrangements with your caterer to also feed your on-site service providers. Most venues will serve vendors the same meal, but at a lower cost. Some venues offer "supplier/vendor meals" or other meal options as well. SAE is always grateful for whatever you are able to supply that will keep our energy at performance level throughout your event.

Volume control… Will live music be too loud for some guests?

SAE guarantees its volume will be perfectly suited to the size of the room, style of venue, the number of guests, age group, etc.

SAE is always in control of the balance of our sound and volume, whether it’s a small intimate group or a huge function. Furthermore, we keep in contact with you and/or your venue staff throughout the performance to ensure our volume is comfortable and a pleasure for everyone, and can quickly make adjustments if required. 


Our sound and light system is state of the art, with top end speakers on tripods, and bass resonance speakers at ground level to ensure uniform volume and optimum sound quality. Our lighting will be strategically placed to enhance the stage and dance floor. Our stage set up is our pride and joy, and we take the time to make it visually appealing - as well as acoustically perfect.

Our price always includes all sound equipment, lighting, and intermission music - with delivery, set-up and tear-down. The equipment set-up will be completed before your guests arrive. We will supply you with speech microphone(s) if required at no extra cost. We carry backups of all essential wiring and accessories. Since we own all the equipment ourselves, rather than renting as most bands do, we take enormous care and pride in the sound equipment and keep it in top condition at all times.

We will connect with your location well in advance of your event -wedding, ceremony, party, etc... - to take care of all the details so you don't have to worry about a thing. We will make all the arrangements with regards to the band arrival, set up, staging and electricity. We will double check that The Hall/The MC/The Band are all following the same schedule. Our attention to detail means you have a lot less to think, and worry about.