What are folks saying about SAE?

It is a fact there is no better compliment to any special occasion than live musical entertainment. Whether it’s a wedding, nightclub, corporate, or any special event, a great live show will create the most pleasurable success. The feel and energy that a live performer(s) brings to an audience is an experience that no other musical format will offer. Traditionally, a big sound from a live band would require a large number of performers. Because of the wonderful technology available to musicians today, it has allowed to keep budgets down and sound quality up. How is this done?

Steve Angel Entertainment brings you the ‘big sound in a small kit’. With only one to three (up to five) performers on stage, the fusion of real-live singers and musicians with DJ quality backing tracks (a.k.a the Musician-DJ Hybrid) are the only way this can be done…people and machine working together to give you the most for your money. So why not have the best of both worlds? Real musical entertainers with a DJ undertone…it not only sounds too good to be true, it sounds fabulous!

From the casino lounges of Las Vegas, the beach-side resorts of the Florida coast, and the exciting nightclubs of Amsterdam…Steve Angel has entertained music lovers from all walks of life throughout North America and Europe. After living and performing abroad for many years, Steve has returned to Toronto, Canada where he continues his fine blend of musical taste for all listeners alike. One of Southern Ontario’s premiere entertainers, Steve Angel entertainment performs a wide selection of music including popular hits from the 1920′s to today’s top 40. A multi-talented individual, he sings (in 7 languages), plays the trumpet, guitar, percussion and the accordion! Playing a schedule of well over 200 shows annually from solo to full ensemble, Steve Angel’s charm and spontaneity that he brings to the stage has established a reputation that is in a class of its own. Hip, hot, and full of high-driving energy, his musical voodoo will invade your spirit and keep you dancing all night long!

Why hire SAE?

Steve Angel entertainment believes that ensuring the success of a special event it requires a delicate balance between maintaining the various elements (including: food, music, speakers, decorations, timing, keeping your guests informed, planning, etc.). In selecting the appropriate musical entertainment whether a product-launch, client appreciation party or any other special event, live music can create a positive response from your guests. What you need to do is decide how it will compliment your objectives for the event.  

- Well-known with the delicate nature of social events (ex. volume, programming)

- Superior trained & educated musical performers
- Tasteful presentation (proper attire for the occasion)

- Performing over 200 shows annually
- Exposed – entertaining crowds of 50 to 5000
- Musical experience over 25 years (Steve Angel)

- Well-versed in a variety of musical styles
- Spontaneous & fresh high-energy performance
- Willing and able to customize music to compliment your objectives

- Dependable and Always-on time
- Responsible  – organized in preparation and always available
- Success with every performance

- Improvise – the Steve Angel philosophy
- Visual props available to enhance your theme (ex. lighting, costume)
- Entertaining – a show more than just music


"Steve Angel is so talented. He plays all these instruments, sings all the right songs and performs them all so well. He is our best and favorite entertainer. Our residents just love him" ~ Retirement 

"Steve Angel has unparalleled musicianship and soul" ~ Music Critic 

“Please accept my congratulations on a fabulous job of entertaining a diverse group of people at Le Dome Friday night.  I have had nothing but great feedback from people.  It is the first time that we had people dancing at the end of the evening and wanting more” ~ Private Club

“Thank you Steve! You did a fantastic job. It was another perfect day event wise. Your work made it. What else can I say? Your efforts were terrific and much appreciated not only by me but everyone on the street who enjoyed your work” ~ Event Planner

“We look forward to having them entertain us in the future” ~ Corporate Function

“We also want to thank you for all of the numerous improvisations that were required; you pulled them off very smoothly” ~ Social Event

“We couldn’t believe how versatile their repertoire was and they kept the dance floor going all night long” ~Wedding

“A valuable asset to our business: honest, dependable, courteous, and, of course, talented, Steve is extremely versatile and knowledgeable in the field of music and the music business" ~ Booking Agency

"Every once in awhile, you are lucky enough to experience a band whose music makes you want to get out of your seat and dance all night long. This is one of those bands. These talented musicians turned our wedding into the best party not just because they played so well, but also because they responded to the audience. They know how to get you dancing and keep you on the dance floor by playing one great song after another. We will never forget them and we would not hesitate to have them perform at any one of our functions. They're just that good." ~ Wedding